About me

Photo of meI’m a PhD student in computer science in Birmingham. I’m interested in programming with effects as a structuring tool. For that purpose, I’m starting out with Bauer and Pretnar’s algebraic effects and handlers [pdf], and I’m trying out what happens if the handlers bind the operation names so that every operation is handled by exactly one handler.

(There’s more on my research page.)

My supervisor is Paul Levy. In my spare time I like to dance in just about any style, and I sing in a choir.

I recently made a page with snippets and explanations I wrote and links to other people’s programs you might find worth using.


Building Y9Bram Geron
University of Birmingham
School of Computer Science (building Y9)
First floor, room 144

Email: second letter of the alphabet @ myfirstname . xyz

Twitter: @bgeron


’13/’14, ’14/’15 Foundations of Computer Science: data structures and algorithms
’13/’14, ’14/’15 Foundations of Computer Science: introduction to programming and reasoning
’13/’14, ’14/’15 Functional Programming
’13/’14 Fundamentals: data structures

These modules involved running help sessions, collaborating on designing exercises, implementing automated marking for the exercises, and a guest lecture on CPU caches [2014 pdf 2015 pdf].

Previous research

I finished my Eindhoven master’s degree with a thesis on “continuation calculus”, a mathematical formalism for programs with undelimited continuations. I’m most grateful for Herman Geuvers‘s supervision in my master project.

We presented the work at COS’13, and we later extended it with a type system together with Wouter Geraedts and Judith van Stegeren, which Herman presented at CL&C’14.

Question and answer time!

How do you pronounce your surname, Geron?
It rhymes with heron, but starts with a G.
Where are you from? Is Bram an abbreviation?
I’m Dutch, and Bram is a common name there. The surname is of French origin, as my grandfather came from Wallonia.