Extensive Unicode snippets in Visual Studio Code

I’ve been playing around with the Rust programming language lately. I like it a lot; perfect language for rewriting a Go tool I once lost the source code to!

Here’s a VS Code snippets file with 1385 snippets, most containing some mathematical Unicode symbol. Perfect when writing a PhD thesis on Linux! To get a ζ symbol, for instance, I just type x z <TAB> or xzeta<TAB>.

The snippets file comes from a convenient TOML configuration file containing one snippet per line:

  xbrackets = "〚$1〛"
  xcheckbox = "☐ "
  xchecked = "☑ "
  xcheckmark = "✓"
  xch = "✓"

The associated character-snippets tool converts this to a (much longer) VS code snippets file, which on Linux you can put in ~/.config/Code/User/snippets/chars.code-snippets. Download a static binary from the GitHub releases page, or cargo install character-snippets. More detailed instructions on GitHub.